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Sturdy DeckThe skateboard uses 1 layer of glass fiber + 3layers of carbonized bamboo + 1 layer of glass. The board surface has good toughness, bearing capacity and waterproof performance.The board is strong enough to withstand the maximum weight of 150 kg

Electric Skateboard Basic Parameters : The ANZO longboards designed with dual wheel hub motor and 600W per motor. The skateboards reached a maximum speed of 25mph and climbed at a 30%. 9.6ah strong endurance battery pack,high-performance battery charging takes only 2-3 hours, 40 kilometers battery range.

Stay in control:One-click start-stop, reliable and safe,smoother control, learn to drive in one minute.Fast and slow speed can be switched freely, 4 different speed mode (L/M/H/P),no matter you are a novice or a professional rider, you can have fun. The displays real-time speed and power status.

Safe riding:Its equipped with 2 tail lights which will flash when you are braking,make it safer to drive at night.Of course, the light can be on all the time.

Important tips:All accessories are included in the packages including remote, charger, tools. There is a certain risk in electric skateboards . Please strictly follow the local traffic regulations. Children should be accompanied by adults. Thank you for your understanding.

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